Working With Quantum-Touch

Busy writing about my work, and blogging about what I do as well as how I’m planning to bring this message to the greater world. I’m always in awe of how powerful this work can be, and the results, relief and recovery evident as I work with clients, both using hands-on work, here while my clients are cozy on the massage, covered by a sheet and a small blanket, with a big pillow under their knees. Many ask if they can just stay on the table at the end of their sessions, as they are feeling very comfortable and relaxed in their cozy, safe and painfree space.

This great Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I work that I offer, is very powerful, yet totally simple in terms of learning, and applying. I offer hands-on sessions, where I use certain equipment, however, Richard taught us all to do this work with our clients sitting on chairs, and us standing or sitting beside them. I like to use the table, so that totaly relaxation is possible.

I also offer Distant Healing sessions, where my clients can be in their homes, often still in bed, and maybe asleep, and they are feeling the amazing results of this work.

Results of this work, whether hands-on or Distant Healing, are felt on all levels. Clients who are dealing with pain anywhere in their body, often headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, ankle pain, or any other kind of physical distress, is relieved quickly and more powerfully and completely with each session. I’m always astonished, and even moreso, when my clients express their gratitude and surprise when they realize how much better they feel.

An upside of having pain relief, is an increase in physical energy, as well as an increase in restful, healing sleep.

So, just to share how easy this work is to learn and to apply, I urge everyone to take this opportunity to register to take the Quantum-Touch Level I class, as taught by Richard Gordon, and you will witness these results under your hands as well. 

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