Working with Quantum-Touch Therapy every day, and witnessing miracles.

I continue to marvel at this wonderful work I do every day. I’m sitting here today, preparing my house for the re-certifying training that will take place here next Wednesday, and I’m thinking about the 2 clients I worked with yesterday. One was seeing me for the first time, and was amazed at how relaxed she was as she was leaving my house. I’ll be pleased to see her next time, and to hear what else she was aware of as the days passed and the rest of the results emerged.

My second client was seeing me for about the 6th session and was very happy that her doctor had found that what he had previously diagnosed as a very serious condition, could no longer be so, because she looked so well and healthy. (She had completed those 5 sessions before she saw him, whereas here MRI was done before her first visit). She has so much more physical and emotional energy, and now we are working a bit more on some joint issues that have improved a lot, but are not yet restored to their place of perfect health. We will soon find that place of extraordinary wellness that is where I see the body, the very being of each of my clients arriving, as we work together. I’m sitting in the place of bliss this morning, and just revelling the results I witness each and every day in my practice.

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