Working with Quantum-Touch for 16 or more years: What have I witnessed?

This morning I’ve been pondering for a while, and that is what I witness in myself and most of my clients who devote time and energy to receiving Quantum-Touch Therapy sessions. This was made clear in the short piece I shared earlier on someone else’s post about the woman I worked on at a health fair whose cranium shifted as I held her head. She didn’t even think she had any issues to be worked on and clearly she had something that had been there for many years, and had decided that morning that it was going to shift.I’ve been discovering some of these old issues in my own life. I’ve been receiving energy work sessions for more than 25 years, and I’ve been doing Quantum-Touch Therapy since 2004, ie 16 years, and now I’m becoming aware of anomolies in my consciousness that is almost blowing my socks off. I’ve been aware of flashbacks before, and in that instance it was a flashback to an accident wherein a large highway bus, speeding on the wrong side of the road, with his lights off, broadsided the family car in which I was a backseat passenger. My injury was to my knee which was slammed into the back of the passengers seat. That continues to show up at times as there was a numb spot there for about 60 years, and now that spot is simply very tender. The upside of all these reflections is that we always need to consider these awarenesses, and sometimes painful memories, as a process of clearing all the old ‘stuff’. As we age, these memories seem to need to emerge, or to come to the surface. If we don’t deal with them, in whatever way that seems best for us, they will just keep on annoying us, or plaguing us in some way. Often they create mental illnesses as a means of making us aware or their presence. And in my case, of what has most recently emerged, this would have been the result had I not been a Quantum-Touch Therapy practioner, who has studied psychology, and worked with many elders, and also done much of my own work on sorting out what was in my past. Our lives are what they are, and I believe that most of us (probably every one of us) has chosen to be here in this lifetime to assist in bringing the planet into its next evolution where there will be a much different focus on wellness, caring and compassion. In fact, when I initially started to study the work of Gregg Braden many years ago, I was highly fascinated by his work on the Science of Compassion, wherein he posited that the healing of the planet, and of all the people on the planet would only come about when we all lived with compassion.I can’t help but believe that this current event with the shutting down of everything because of this virus, is about all of us having the time, indeed, being forced to take the time, to just be. To take the time to consider who we are, and what we are doing here. To take the time to be in contemplation, as they did in olden days, when those who were attempting to understand what was going on, took time to be in stillness, on aloneness, and even in some dark place of solitude, to just be, to clear their minds from all the things going on, and to allow some sort of attitude to emerge that could possibly change how we view the world, our world, our families, our businesses, our relationships. I have the idea that our work with Quantum-Touch therapy, similar to, but not the same as many other kinds of energy work, has been brought to us now, so that we are able to work with elevating our vibration, and that of our clients to allow these old body memories to emerge. To get into the heart of the matters, down into those memories we would all prefer to not need to remember, but that are necessary to face in order for us to fully heal, to fully discover who we really are, who we were meant to be when we decided to have another life here on planet earth, and who became totally lost with those early childhood events, and that now, at whatever age, we are able to recapture, to connect with again, and to fully be able to live in our power, our genuine personality, our truth and our fully developed gifts to assist the planet and all our peoples to be well, to live in compassion, peace and wholeness into a very wonderfully ripe old age…

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