Working with Old Injuries with Quantum-Touch Therapy

Recently, I’ve been seeing a client who came back to see me following the shut down as a result of the Covid virus. She had had several serious falls in her life that had resulted in surgery to replace her shoulder joins. These falls had taken place perhaps 10 years apart, however, when I started working with her now, this year, the results of those surgeries were very similar in terms of the difficulties created with breathing and speaking.

When she spoke to me, I couldn’t hear her very well, as she was struggling to get the sounds out, and she seemed to be whispering with a great effort. As I worked with her and held the front of her throat, she started to feel that something that had seemed to be lodged in her throat was melting away, and the vocal chords seemed to work better. Within a few sessions, she could speak with much less effort and greater capacity to be heard.

The other issues was an issue to being to actually breath. I could tell that she struggled to get the breath in, and it seemed that she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to continue to breath. I worked on her lungs, as I talked to her about relaxing and allowing the air to come in.

I knew from my own process and learning to relax, to meditate I had needed to learn to trust that the air would move in and out of my lungs without me needing to worry. I could slow down my breathing to a very slow pace, and would that trust that I would still get adequate air into mu lungs. So, we talked about that, and as I spent time with her, she was able to relax to allow the breathing to slow down and to fill and empty her lungs adequately to feel less anxiety and to be more comfortable with her body.

I’m grateful for this work with Quantum-Touch Therapy and the capacity I have to help people with many different conditions to be more comfortable in their bodies.