Working with Head and Neck Injuries: Finding the Peace

Recently, I’ve seen more people who come to see me as a result of an accident or fall wherein they have endured an injury to their necks, backs and heads. They come to me sometimes many years following the original injury, and more recently, I’ve seen people shortly following the incident. Since my work is not about diagnosis, nor in treating these injuries, I simply hold the space for the body to heal itself, however, as I place my hands upon their heads, neck and upper back, I can feel the bod moving into an alignment that is actually quite amazing, and truly beyond belief.

Most recently, was a client who had fallen during a game on the ice, and as they ran into the boards, their feet went out from under them, and they went backwards towards the ice surface, catching the face mask on the way down, and again hitting the ice with the face mask snapping their head back again. Little was remember of the actual fall, as in this type of incident, it becomes difficult to recall the actual events, only to remember that they had considerable pain after.

When I first saw this client, she had been in considerable pain for over a week, and was now beginning to realize how much her normal thoughts and actions were being affected. She was becoming unsure of being able to drive properly and she was less patient than normal. It hurt her to turn her head, and there was nothing that gave her any comfort.

As I placed my hands upon her head, gradually, I could begin to feel some movement of energy inside her head. She was aware of what she called a mass between her ears. I use several hand placements as I hold the head, and in each position, the energy movement changed. When I placed my hands at the back of her head, the pain increased, and it seemed to intensify as I held my hands ever so lightly under her head. The intensity increased for about 10 minutes, until it seemed to have reached a level where there seemed to be an energy shift under my hands, and the pain began to lessen. Finally she told me that her head now felt more clear.

I then moved my hands to her upper back, where there was a lot of tension, experienced under my hands as a very hard surface. I simply held my hands under her shoulders, moving them from being very close together on either side of her spine, and gradually moving them outward toward her arms. Again, the energy seemed to ripple across her back from one hand to the other, and the hard surface I had earlier experienced, simply became softer and softer, until there was no longer any tension held and she could easily move her head from side to side freely.

I have now held my hands on her head for 2 visits, and I’ll write more about the second visit in a later blog, but suffice to say that the journey continues.

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