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As I’m getting my absolutely incredible mojo into gear today, particularly after my wonderful inspiring visit to parts of my community with Thea, I’m full of ideas to raise the awareness of our work with the amazingly large populations here. I suppose my initial inspiration to do more, speak more, inspire more, offer more, and indeed empower more and to be aware of how much we are making a difference.

As soon as I feel the differences within myself, I am aware of how much my energy change is shifting the larger energy field around me. If we truly plug into to our sphere of influence in terms of miles and miles of area around us, and be conscious of the message we are sending out, it is astonishing what is happening. I’ve always been aware of the fact that ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’ .. and the concept of ‘critical mass’ and how many individuals I’m aware of who are interested in our work I become more and more positive that the ‘critical mass’ has been reached and the mass consiousness has shifted and we are it.

This morning, I’m getting more into where we can visit here, and who we can speak with and what we are able to offer. I continue to return to the events at the beginning of pandemic, and how much I realized the value of our work in terms of wellness with people in my age group.

On Friday, in my little community centre, one of my neighbours was there, and we spoke briefly, however, I realized that she was interested in what we were doing, and I’m getting into that place where I’m going to propose that we ”” and that is the bigger we”’ offer to do talks to groups when we are out there. I’m going to prepare something my my flyer or whatever I’m calling what I’m going to distribute, is that we would love to talk to their groups, or to do presentations to their groups of seniors, or maybe athletes, or youth. Remember that young man in the class, who wrote on his evaluation form at the end of the weekend that he knew his life had been forever changed. He was 11 years old, and was fully aware of the changes he felt in his being.

Another aspect of these shifts that are possible, is the story I may have shared with everyone recently about the presentation I was blown away by at the Findhorn Foundation. The person presenting it was sharing her story of becoming a new teacher, and how much she realized that the children in her class were very distracted when they arrived in class each morning.

She started something incredible which she call ‘Circle Time’ when everyone was sitting in a circle, and each student was provided time to share how they were feeling. They had their time, even if they only wanted to sit in the silence during their turn. It turned out that many students had not spoken to an adult since they left school the day before, and these practices, were quickly recognized as extremely effective and thus important. She was invited to work with these practices as a member of the greater community, to teach every individual in the school, and then in the entire school district, to be aware of the students, and to be alert if someone seems to need attention.

Learning to be aware of our energy, of the impact we can have on our personal communities, is such a powerful insight begins to provide for us the opportunity to get out there to share and to offer our ideas.

I’m also aware that as soon as I write this message, I’m basically putting my stake in the ground and the intention is out there… I’m ready for it…. Let’s all mention our intention and energize all our materials, our flyers, our spaces, our work space. I’m energizing my therapy room daily, the materials I work with there, the sheets, pillows, as well as my entrance and I’ll be ready for what I know is here now.

Blessings, and lots of love to everyone … we are working with the LOVE VIBRATION.

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