Working with Energy and Natural Processes as we Age

Autonomy in our lives moment to moment has to be a crucial aspect of well being and mental wellness. I’m exploring this concept as it has existed in my own life as well as in the lives of many others in the form of a proposal to find greater ways to create greater longevity and satisfaction in the lives of the elders in our communities, as well as reduce the cost of maintaining us into our 10th decade and beyond. I’ve decided, and I’ve been sharing with many others, that I’m intending to be doing my work for another 40 years, and that will be taking me past my 120th birthday, and I am fully aware that it is happening.

A number of years ago, when our entire planet was experiencing a highly contagious pandemic, the flaws in the ways in which our elders were being cared for, and every little aspect of exploitation in the ways in which those who were hired to care for them was highlighted in the most alarming way possible. as the carers who were only hired to work so many hours per day, needed to work in more than one facility

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