Working with Back and Neck Injuries with Quantum-Touch Therapy

This morning I’m remembering those clients I’ve seen who were experiencing back and neck pain. I received a phone call from a person who had been in an automobile accident, and who is having a lot of neck pain. I could tell by her voice, that she was experiencing a lot of discomfort, and she sounded as if she had no energy at all.

The first client I remember seeing, was a young woman with whiplash, and it could have been from an auto accident, or simply from her work constantly sitting at a computer. She was missing much of the joy in her life, she missed work, missed family gatherings, and just couldn’t endure the unrelenting pain that caused such discomfort. The first time I worked with her, the pain was reduced from a 10 to a 3. She also had increased range of motion following that first session, as she could move her head from side to side without pain. The level of pain remained low, until after 4 sessions there was no more pain, and she had total range of motion, that is, she could turn her head to either side to an extent that she had previously not experienced. She could look up at the ceiling, and down at the floor, again without any discomfort.

That was the first person I’d worked with whose life was totally transformed following our work together.

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