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When I initially registered this domain name “Wellness Unlimited” and decided to use this site for my own book, I knew that it was about getting well, and being healthier and more inspired than I’d felt in the past. Little did I know that there was more to it than I could ever have imagined at that moment. My book, entitled “Living with Extraordinary Wellness into your Eighth Decade and Beyond”, is the story of my life and the journey I made from being very unwell, and unhappy to where I am now, and that is highly motivated, wonderfully healthy and well, and more happy and satisfied with my life and myself than I could have ever imagined. In retrospect, my journey has been interesting, inspiring and a lot of fun. At the time, most of it just seemed to be about keeping on, pushing myself a bit more to find the answers, and trying more things to see what might work. In the end, I suppose that it was all of those steps I took, all of the above that brought me to this place, as I feel as if I’ve left no stone unturned. I’ve not left anything untried, no matter how difficult it seemed to be, or how much it would cost me, or the time that it would take. If it seemed to be worthwhile, I was into it.

Now I would like to share a bit of that journey with you, and I’ll be sharing bits more each week for the next few months, as I also deliver “Facebook Lives” videos for your information. And now I’m going to share a bit of how I made my decision as to where to begin with my writing in the context of the journey to wellness and where and when that decision was made.

I grew up without feeling that I had much personal power. It was very confusing, as I seemed to constantly be disempowered by those around me, and to know that if I didn’t follow that set of rules that I’d be banished, and perhaps disowned and maybe even annihilated. What that would have meant, I had no idea but there was some vague fear of that happening, enough so that I would always try to do what was expected of me, without being able to stand up for myself, or even to physically and emotionally take care of myself. It was an extremely difficult time, however, I now understand how important that time was in my getting myself to that place where I would start to turn it all around.

The journey continues next week……

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