Week 4. How does energy feel – November 5th, 2021

Good morning Everyone: 

Such a wonderful topic this morning, this early November morning.  To begin, I’m just going to ask you how you feel this morning?  It’s November in Ottawa, and yesterday morning my car had been parked outdoors overnight, and I had to scrape frost from the windows.  I felt a bit disappointed because I truly hadn’t quite taken in the idea that we were on the cusp of winter.  I grew up here in this climate, which I believe is known as a continental climate with cold dry winters, and hot humid summers.

So, how does energy feel?  When I am aware of my energy field, it is usually with a bit of tingling on my skin.  As I focus on myself, perhaps my knees, I’ll experience probably increased heat, and if there is any discomfort, it may indeed increase with my attention.  When I begin to work with new clients they may be surprised by how they feel, and somewhat uncomfortable with the tingling or increased in their bodies as I work with them.  I always take time explaining how the vibration of their energy systems increase as I work with them, and that they may feel the tingling, as well as an increase in the discomfort.  This increase lasts for a short time, and is part of the way the human body removed the causes of the pain.  I’ve witnessed clients experiencing the emergence of old injuries that had not fully healed and came to the surface following energy work, and after several days of extreme discomfort, was totally gone, providing increased physical energy and feelings of wellbeing. 

Another aspect of living with a greater awareness of our energy field and the benefits this awareness has on our life, and that of those around us, is that this part of us is like a barometer.  This part of us, can give us enormous information about how we are affected by our environment.  In this case, I’m referring to how we feel when we are in certain places, and/or with certain individuals.  I mentioned this earlier in this series, and now I would like to go back to that topic, to expand on this and to provide you with the tools to have greater awareness of your being.  You will notice that when you enter a building, or into the proximity of a certain person, or group of people you may feel tired, or anxious, or energized, and happy.  These are really important for your wellbeing.

I want to share with you some aspects of this that I’ve learned in my life that I would really have appreciated learning as a child, however, that doesn’t usually happen.  When I initially learned this work, I was working in an office where I was exhausted every day long before lunch time.  I had learned this protocol that provided for me the tools to clear the energy I was picking up, and in effect stop it from affecting me.  It was a brilliant tool, and I teach this to many of my students.  You can use this process every morning, and you will quickly feel the difference in your physical and emotional energy.  It is simple, and takes maybe 5 minutes, if that.

You will also learn to recognize where you will either want to employ this protocol, and/or those places where you will choose to not go.  I’ve used the recognition of how my energy changes to make those decision about where to spend my time.  If you realize that in those places, you feel either tired, or uncomfortable in any way, you have a responsibility to yourself, to leave.  It took many years for me to respect this part of me, and once I did, I knew that I was now an adult, and I was responsible to take care of me.

This applies to all those places where you may recognize these feelings.   I’ve worked with many people who come to see me with much repressed anger, or enormous amounts of stress.  These aspects of their discomfort, would have been the strong indicators of the necessity to make a choice around where they spent their time.  Sometimes, we can’t just change our employment that fast, however we can find ways to change how we feel about it.

It may be possible to appreciate that place for the benefit you receive, and to learn to express gratitude about the income your receive, or the skills that you are learning and can take to another job that may feel better.  And when you are recognizing how important it is to trust and respect those feelings, you will be making decisions that truly are in alignment with who you are.

I’ve come to the end of my presentation this morning.  I’ll be back here next week to further expand on my awareness of how important working with energy is in our lives.

Many thanks for your interest, and if you have questions, or input, please let me know.  You can reach me at www.wellnessunlimited.ca, or send me a message on facebook messenger.

Until next week,  Many blessings..

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