Week 3 – What is Energy – October 29

Good morning everyone..  How are you all feeling on this beautiful fall morning?  I’m really curious this morning to discover your questions and awarenesses following our last 3 presentations.  I want to ask you now to place your awareness on your solar plexus and to keep it there for 2 minutes, and to then you may want to share that with us. 

The topic of my presentation this morning is to answer the question about ‘What is Energy?’  Energy or rather, Life Force Energy is the animating force of all life.  And it is all around us, and through us.  We aren’t aware of this for as the fishes in the sea, who would say, Water? what water? because it is the environment in which it lives, so it hasn’t realized that where it lives is water, as we humans don’t realize that we are actually more energy than solid.  When we are wanting to be aware, we can begin to notice how our attention can change how we feel.   

 As we become more aware of this aspect of us, we will begin to realize that this energy field is all around us and is actually ‘out in front of us’ as we move through our day.  As you are moving around in your house, and in your neighbourhood, this energy aspect of us will be more tuned into your environment than our physical/conscious selves.  As we begin to understand what is happening, we will be able to understand that this energy field is like an early warning system, if we realize what is happening. 

You may be able to recall an event when you when you decided to not go somewhere, or for some reason, felt that you needed to change a decision.  You didn’t really know why you made that decision, however, you eventually understood that that decision probably was a wise decision, and may have kept you from being involved in something, such as an accident.  You may recall hearing about drivers having some sort of intuitive nudge to take a different route, or to travel on a different day, and then discover that there was an accident on that route, or some other event that had kept them safe.

When I initially began to study about these aspects of us, humans, I did some training with the work of Jose Silva.  When he initially was aware of these parts of us, he did it to help his children with their school work.  Then, two of his sons went off to war during WWII, and he wanted to ensure that they had all the skills they needed to keep them safe, and for them to be tuned into to their surroundings.  One of his sons had an injury, however, it was not life threatening and they both came home without any damage to them.

We as human beings are so much more than we have even imagined.  These subtle energies around us can provide us with such tools to be aware physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  We only need to learn how to use the awareness, and to understand the many ways in which this innate part can enhance our wellness, our intellectual aspects, and our decision making parts.  I remember as a high school student, when I couldn’t figure out an algebra problem in my home work assignment.  I woke up in the morning with the entire solution ready to be written on my paper.  This skill, or awareness is part of the energy aspects of our humanness fully working for us.

We will possibly know this aspect of us as our intuition, and we may or may not be aware of it, or even if we are aware of our intuitive skills, sometimes we are not fully able to use them as we may be fully trust our spidy senses.  I know, I didn’t trust mine for most of my life, as those people around  me seemed to discount my ability to know things that were not commonly known in my immediate environment.  I have since really begun to understand what a valuable resource our intuition, the sense we have that actually comes from our energy field . 

Our animal companions will also help us to understand and be aware of those subtle parts of us.  They really do know..  And my very beautiful buddy who has been gone now for about 8 years, taught me a lot about trusting my intuitive senses, as she was really tuned into me at all levels, the thoughts I was aware of, the sense of what was happening around me at a subtle level.   

When I asked the question about how you were feeling this morning, I want you to think about what you felt, and if there was a change in your feelings as I asked you to focus on how you felt.

This is my presentation for this morning.  I’ll be back next Friday morning, to expand and deepen these awarenesses.  I will also being sharing with you how to encourage your children in being aware and  how to listen to them when they share their feelings and senses with you.

Take care, and thank you for being here with me,

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