We are Hardwired for Wellness

I’m impressed constantly about the absolute simplicity of how Quantum-Touch techniques shift misalignments quickly and effortlessly. In the Level I book by Richard on Quantum- Touch you will see this as a subtitle in the first chapter. I learned about this many years ago, and I sometimes forget when I speak with newcomers to our energy work that not everyone knows about this fact. We are indeed intended to be well, and when we recognize what that means, we may indeed be surprised.

Recently, I had a brief glimmer of my total wellness, in its high level state. I have known that I was living with a wellness state for many years, however, what I’d not fully grasped was that I was still not living in the highest state. I had always had something holding me back and although it seemed to be very difficult to grasp, it was there especially when I was planning to get into a new project and knew that this project would change my exposure in the community possibly

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