Taking Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I on the Road

This morning I’m completing some documents and processes I’ve been developing for those lovely people who are interested in Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I training and are wanting or organize workshops in their communities. There are some things in my life that I really love to do, and some other things that I like doing and that I do really well. So, today I’m putting them together and I’ve come up with some documents based upon my own experience and skill set, and I’ll be sharing them with whoever is interested in having Quantum-Touch Therapy training in their neighbourhoods.
I’ve learned from doing this work in the past, that there are some people very interested in this work, or at least will be when they learn about how effective it is. So, I’m using all this information to develop a text about who and where. I’m also doing a check list that will be very helpful to those who are organizing.
When I was invited to be part of a panel discussion in 2005 at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario at a Conference on Sustainability, I was in a panel with a massage therapist, a chiropractor, and a naturopathic doctor. I really enjoyed that experience, and would love to participate again in this type of panel. I also taught a mini class to about 20 people who were attending the conference. During that period, I was interviewed for a community radio show. I’d like to do more of that as well, so another part of my check list, and instructions for those organizing training in their communities, will be to check out radio and TV shows where I can be interviewed prior to the training event.
Another aspect of my previous training is about community building, or community development. I’ve held a healing circle here in Ottawa for regularly for most of the time I’ve taught QT. I’ve also initiated a Healing Circle in Kingston, Ontario following a number of Quantum-Touch Therapy classes I held there. This is an amazingly powerful way for students to gather and to practice with each other, and to stay connected with the power of Quantum-Touch as well as the healing they will receive both for themselves and one another. How to initiate and to organize Healing Circles is another part of the training in these communities where I’ll be travelling to teach will be a part of what I share as well.
I’ve not done many Friday evening Intro/Demos recently. I miss this, as they are always well attended, and exciting for me as well as totally informative for the attendees. When I travel to another area to teach, I always encourage the organizers to try to have the class room space available for the evening prior to the class for that event. It brings in lots of new people who are curious and wanting to check it out, even it they are not sure that they want to learn the skills yet. If they don’t register at the last minute, they will be at the next class, as those demonstrations are truly earth changing.
Now to get on to my writing, and completing of my documents…
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