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How Does High Level Wellness Feel?

This morning I’m contemplating how I’m feeling in this state of High Level Wellness. I would like to share with you what it means to live in this state daily. To begin, I sleep very well each night and awaken … Continue reading

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Meditation and Mandalas – A Workshop

Meditation and Mandalas is a workshop developed from my own experience of daily meditation following by mandala creation and then journal writing.  This has been a powerfully healing and releasing experience for me, and I began to realize that it … Continue reading

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Healing the Old Issues

I’ve heard it before, but today it really resonated with me as I was listening to Brian Whetten speak about selling with invitation.  I know that Greg Braden spoke of this in his Awakening to Zero Point, and that is … Continue reading

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Lanark Eco-Village: More thoughts on Living in Community

Recently as I’ve pondered moving to the eco-village, I’ve been think about putting a considerable amount of my retirement money into community or would I pay a monthly amount while retaining the balance in some interest bearing fund.  Then I looked seriously at the … Continue reading

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