Reflections at the dentists’ Chair

As I reflect upon this work in my own life, with the straightening of my spine, and release all my lower back pain, and strengthening my leg muscles and my lower body joints… anxiety and fear that resided in my heart area was released as I would awaken each morning during a particularly difficult time in my life, with my two hands over the heart area, realizing that my was taking charge of my own healing while I was sleeping.

As I was sitting in the chair at my dentists’ office yesterday, and he was putting the new cap on that tooth way at the back on the lower left side of my mouth, we were having a ‘chat’ about health and wellness, and my diet, and how I cared for myself, as I am a very healthy elder. I couldn’t speak a lot, but I did manage to talk about what I am doing in my life, and I realized the impact of all my work, and of how effective my breathing practice (learned and continued due to my Quantum-Touch Therapy practice), has been in not only energizing my body, but also allowing me to fully relax and release tension in my body.

Again, I’m always filled with gratitude for all my work, and the results I have witnessed in my own body, mind and spirit, as well as with all my clients.

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