Quantum-Touch Therapy: Working with Joints

This morning I’ve been thinking about the clients I’ve seen over the years, in the context of my most recent client who had some pain in her feet, specifically in one big toe joint on the left foot, and a bone spur on the right foot between the 2nd and 3rd toes. I had begun to work on her feet, with a foot massage, and ended up running energy into those two areas on her feet. At the end of the session when she stood up, I asked how her feet felt, and there was pain in both of these areas. That reminded of another client I worked with some years ago, who had a lot of pain in joints all over her body.

This client, who came to my studio about 7 years ago, had severe in her left shoulder so that she could not longer do many of the activities she had been doing for many years. She had been a prolific athlete, playing several games of tennis per day, and lap swimming each week at a local pool.

When she arrived at my studio, she had stopped all these activities as she had hurt her shoulder, and was actually not able to do much. As I worked with her, initially intensely on both shoulders, she was gradually able to return to her tennis games, and eventually her swimming. However, as I worked on her joints, throughout her body, I became aware of the joints on her feet. I noticed that there were large ‘bunions’ on each big toe, and these were subsequently shifting the placement of all the toe joints.

I started to work on each toe joint, beginning with the big toe, and moving across the foot. The astonishing thing that occured during this process was that all the joints in her body started to hurt again. For several visits, when I worked on the toe joints, the rest of her body would hurt. Of course, this didn’t last for long, however it was quite a revelation to me, that those joints would create so much discomfort throughout the body. I would continue to work on her entire body until she was back doing all her swimming and tennis playing and the joints in her feet were now returning to their normal size and place in her foot.

When we begin to work with a client, we will never fully know what is happening in their bodies at the beginning. It is important to take the time and energy to build up a relationship with our clients to work with them over a period of time to get to the bottom of the issues, and therefore, to assist them in getting into that place of perfect health, where they can continue to do all their chosen activities into their later years.

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