Quantum-Touch Therapy working with Accident Injuries.

So, as I’m planning to take my work further out into the world, I need to really make sure that everyone knows how much my Quantum-Touch therapy work contributes to their lives on all levels. I’m thinking about the clients I’ve been seeing over about the last 10 years, and some of the conditions they presented as they came through the door into my studio.

Many people came to see me initially as the result of an accident. Sometimes they have been in an automobile accident, sometimes it was a different kind of accident, such as being thrown from a horse. And others came as a result of an illness or accident that caused them to have a series of medical procedures, but they continue to have discomfort in their bodies.

As I check them out, it is common to find a spinal curvature, or an imbalance in their hips, their shoulder height, or their level of occipital bone. Often they have given up on ever having these situations rectified, and so they had decided they would live with these conditions and the pain forever. That is, until they decided to come to see me. The first step I take is to give them a visual scan to see if there are any misalignments. I don’t always take if further than that at that moment, because I know that as I work, their structure will correct itself.

So, I do that initial session, and they are totally blown away by what they experience. They feel the energy going through their bodies, as I hold my hands on their heads. First of all they will feel the energy in the head, and elsewhere in their body if there has been damage other parts of their bodies .. it feels like their head is connected to other parts, so that they will feel a pain in their hip, maybe their shoulder, and possibly even in their ankle as I do that first session. I often end the session by working on their spine, which is helping them to feel more elongated, and relaxed.

When they leave the table, it may take a few moments for them to feel exactly what they are feeling, but they know that definitely they feel changed. They stand up and realize that they feel less constricted, a bit taller, and looser in their entire body. They will move around, and check out those joints where they had been experiencing discomfort and restriction. As they continue to have help with their pain, they realize that there is more happening in their bodies then pain reduction, they are having better, deeper and more effective sleep, they have more energy, more enthusiasm and greater creativity.

In fact, as they spend more time with this work, they are realizing that they have more joy, more satisfaction and a higher quality of life in general.
Please let me know, if you would like to have this experience, by checking out my website ate www.aileensoasis.com or my blogsite at www.wellnessunlimited.ca , or check out the Quantum-Touch website at www.quantumtouch.com … I’m wanting to go to your area to teach you all how to do Quantum-Touch therapy…. Just give me a call…

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