Quantum-Touch Therapy: Witnessing Realignment

This morning as I’m working on an article for the February issue of my local alternative magazine, Tone Magazine, I’m contemplating how during sessions of Quantum-Touch therapy, the energy seems to have a plan on what issues get worked on first. I’ve worked consistently over time with a few clients, and they have generally had a number of surgeries to deal with physical issues in their bodies. The process I observe taking place, is stunning to say the least, and I’d like to try to share a bit of that here.
I’ll share about the most recent situation first, and what I felt most recently. This client has a spinal curvature, that creates a “C” curve in her posture. I’ve always observed how the upper part of the curvature straightened during our sessions, consistently becoming more aligned as we worked together. I would work with one hand under T8 and the other under T1. After I felt that work was complete for that session, I would move the T8 hand down to the base of the spine, the botton of the sacrum. I’ve been doing this regularly for quite a long time now, but the last time I did this particular hand placement, I could feel the coccyx begin to turn downward, or to straighten, and to really curve into my hand in a way that was totally astonishing. The lower part of the spine was straightening out that part of the “C” curve. The upper spine has been reorganizing for some time, but now is the time for the lower spine begin reorganizing.
When I feel these kinds of movements within someone’s body, I’m always in awe of how incredible this work is, and how the body knows precisely how to heal itself. Healing is a process, and it is a natural process. It can’t be rushed, nor can it be side tracked, it takes place in the way that creates perfect health over time. When there have been surgical procedures, I witness how the energy heals beyond what the surgery corrected and dissolves all the scar tissue and misalignments that remain. I can only imagine what is happening, but from what I have witnetssed over many years, I have quite a good idea about what is happening beyond what my eyes can see, and I continue be in awe of this work.

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