Quantum-Touch Therapy, Wellness and the Pandemic

Yesterday, I was out for a while to do some errands, and I stopped at my daughter’s house to drop off some supplies. She’s been busy for weeks now producing beautiful masks of the left over material from her various sewing and quilting projects.

We stood the proper 6 feet apart, me on her walk way, and she in her doorway. During the conversation, the subject of my age came up, and she wasn’t totally sure of the right number. Apparently, she and her cousin had been discussing me in the context of this pandemic and how was I getting along. Apparently where my niece lives, the stores are open quite early for seniors, so that they can shop before the majority of the other shoppers come in, but where I shop, there is never a massive rush of people, so I always have lots of space and it has a wonderful environment and customer service policy.

So, to go back to my age, and my wellness, I must give a lot of credit to my wonderful healing modality for the quality of life I currently enjoy. I spent much of my life in pain from back issues relating to an accident when I was a child, and I also had massive digestive problems. Although I had cleared up most of the digestive issues before I discovered Quantum-Touch therapy, I continued to have a spinal curvature and the corresponding back pain, until I discovered this work, and in 2004, when I was offering the last weekend workshop necessary for me to be eligible to become a Quantum-Touch Therapy Instructor, my spinal curvature corrected within less than 5 minutes when the student held my back in her hands, and I felt the pelvis rotate into position.

That was the major beginning to my entire body finding its way to total high level wellness, and I’ll be addressing more of this story over the coming months, as I write my blog every Friday morning.

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