Quantum-Touch Therapy Virtual Workshop

I am in the midst of teaching my first Virtual Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I class. I’ve offered the Energy Boost workshop several times, and enjoyed doing that, however, I’d not been certain that I would do the full 2 day class. And now that I’m just 3 hours away from the completion of this class, I’m absolutely sold on doing my workshops in future, by using ZOOM.
I’ve been doing Distant Healing for many years, and I do it in the old fashioned way, and I intend to continue to doing Distant Healing sessions that way. However, in my Virtual class room, students are doing sessions with one another across the ether. They are each in their own homes (due to the pandemic and social distancing requirements), However, they are practicing on each other during their practice sessions. In fact, we are sometimes practicing with three students working on one student.
I’m totally impressed with how aware everyone is and how effective the practice is proving to be when we are seeing each other on the screen, and the work is totally done at a distance. And I’m now committing to offering more Energy Boost events, and certainly the Level I class being offered over 4 days, to eliminate the intensity of the screen time.
My goals for teaching many people Quantum-Touch, and helping students to become highly effective practitioners, is now back on track, after feeling sidelined by the pandemic. I’m in line for my big goal of bringing many more people into this powerful energy healing modality. In fact, yesterday, we were working with the immune system. We worked with the endocrine and lymphatic systems that are the basis for the immune system, and as we know, a strong immune system is the best safeguard against any illness including viruses.

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