Quantum-Touch Therapy: Tapping Into our Innate Wellness

When we, as Quantum-Touch practitioners, prepare our energy systems by focusing on our breathing, and running energy up from our feet, through our bodies in order to enhance our energy vibration, and then we place our hands upon our clients, the energy system of the client entrains to the higher vibration and the resolution of all issues within the client has begun. As I continue to work with Quantum-Touch daily in my practice in Ottawa, I am always reminded of how stunningly simple and profound this work is, and has always been. We are always entraining to the strongest energy around us, and if that energy is one of a higher vibration, then that’s what we entrain to and experience, whereas, if we maintain our high vibration as we have learned in the Quantum-Touch Therapy training, we know that we will always be in tune with how we are feeling and if we need to focus upon our breath and maintaining that higher vibration.
How do we know if we are maintaining our high vibration? I have always noticed that some people I spend time with seem fully energized when our meeting is finished, and I feel exhausted. If this is the case, then I’ve entrained to their vibration, whereas, if we both leave our meeting feeling great and energized and full of creative energy, we know that we have simply boosted each others energy system, and are basically helping to enhance our resiliency and continued wellness.

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