Quantum-Touch Therapy….. Remembering the Water Energizing at the Beach

Contemplating this morning about how Quantum-Touch therapy creates balance and alignment where ever it is used. I’m witnessing this profoundly in my own life at this moment, and I am really surprised, but also really pleased that I can understand what is happening.

Years ago I did an experiment at the Mooney’s Bay beach on the Rideau River. A small group of us, 4 to be exact, met on summer morning at the beach with our coffee mugs. I visited a private environmental lab on my way to bring a cooler and vials for the water samples I would use in our experiment. We chose a place at the south end of the beach area, and I walked into the river with my mug to draw a ‘before’ sample, which I put into the cooler.

Over the next 1-1/2 hours each of us would fill our mugs with water, and then sit and run energy into the mug for 4 minutes. Then we would pour our water back into the river, and refill our mugs. I calculated that we energized 64 cups of water over that time frame. I then went into the water, and took my after sample which went back into the cooler.

I took my samples to the environment lab, and when they checked the samples, the e-coli and coliform counts in the after sample were 85% lower than in the before sample. As someone on the forum said, the e-coli and coliform died off to create balance in the river. Astonishing results, and something to be really aware of when we are doing our work.

I’m currently working with a client who is living with Lyme disease, a condition that comes from a tick bite that infects the recipient with a bacterial infection. I’ve now worked with 3 people with this condition and they all experience improvement in their energy levels, reduction in pain, and more clarity in their thought processes. So, we can help to create change with many different conditions, including that caused from bacteria.
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