Quantum-Touch Therapy: Living in a Higher Vibration

This morning I’ve been reflecting upon my life and what has transpired over the years since I began to do energy work about 25 years ago. I was in a very serious discussion with a friend whose life’s journey has run parallel to mine now for a 7 years, and as we always do, we share thoughts with each other, and the other hears the deeper message, and we each have a greater grasp upon how the Universe is giving us what we need in terms of clearing, wellness, and indeed our very own Truth.

I remember some of the understanding of what ‘Vibration’ meant when I initially purchased the first two books written by Greg Braden, and I couldn’t get enough of them. I had so much of a greater understanding of energy and vibration, especially how the planet was now less magnetic, but was vibrating much faster than previously, and that this was bringing into awareness as it everything that had been buried, covered, denied, was being brought to the surface to be exposed, recognized, and healed. This morning, we likened this to a centrifuge, and how it is used to separate out different parts of a substance, and in this case, different parts of our psyche.

I really enjoyed this level of explanation and understanding about the changes on the planet, when I discovered Richard Gordon, and Quantum-Touch Therapy, which is all about energy and vibration, and about using our breath, and other tools to raise our vibration and to place our hands on others, to experience entrainment. What an amazingly wonderful coincidence, to have this grasp upon how the planet is being healed, and cleared, and then to find this work of Richard’s which totally paralleled that of Greg Braden, but in the personal realm, and to grasp at a really deep level why there is so much unrest, and enlightenment, and a really mixed bag of life experience, political unrest, civil wars, and all the rest of the shifts that are happening in the minute. I also worked with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Ervin Laszlo who follow the same line of thinking and explaining how this is all part of the greater whole of healing.

In my own life, as I’ve journeyed through this, I can track all the various transitions, and difference parts of the journey, as I’ve experienced aspects of myself and my life that have been less than wonderful, and how the emotional aspect of those parts has come up to the surface for healing at the appropriate moment. That is the greatest reason for my intense love and respect for Quantum-Touch Therapy and Richard Gordon. He may not have known that he was evolving a healing modality that would truly transform humanity and civilization, (and how could he have known that), but as with everything else, there was a perfect timing, and the world was ready for this amazingly natural, and simple model. Some of us could truly grasp the magnitude of this, and some could not, but for those who were ready back then, in 2002, we grabbed it, and were determined to run with it.

What is so surprising, and wonderful, and perhaps not so well understood, is how the parts of our lives that are not in a higher vibration, whether it be in the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, or something like our choice of partners, work, or places to live, it will come up into our faces to be healed, to be changed and the more appropriate aspect will emerge. When we learn Quantum-Touch and we learn that there are various things we can do to make the energy more powerful, one of those aspects is to TRUST, Well, I’ve been fully grasping what that means. And this may be the greatest challenge of all, to fully get it, and to fully allow the energy to take us to where we need to go, even if it doesn’t feel good in the moment, even if our initial experience following a session is to feel an intensification of the symptoms that have brought us to the door of the practitioner. Often change feels most unpleasant, and I will only say, that I’ve been feeling one of these for a few months now, but as I get nearer to the end of the process, I’m understanding how stunningly wonderful it is, as I am lighter, younger, and totally enchanted with where I’m going, and with how I arrived here.

That’s me for today, and I would just really love to share more of this face to face with the rest of the world just as soon as I can… Bless everyone, and remember that with Quantum-Touch Therapy, we are using the energy of love to hold the space. Find more about me on www.aileensoasis.com or www.wellnessunlimited.ca

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