Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I workshop

This past weekend I offered my first live workshop since the beginning of the pandemic. I knew that my preferred way of doing this work as an instructor, would always be doing live training, and in that way I witness the students and their process in front of me.
Of course, I’m always surprised at how amazing it is that the Universe always gives us what we need in terms of connecting the right people with us at the right time. Well, this was no different, and we had a great weekend, perfection as always, and the most amazing aspect was that after teaching all day Saturday, I was absolutely filled with energy when we were complete. No fatigue, nothing that could be interpreted as any feelings of stress after the act of physically instructing.
This work is simply bliss, and bliss in its most wonderful form.
I will be teaching again at the end of April, 2023, so if there is interest in doing the training here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in a live class, I’m available, and just get in touch to register.

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