Quantum-Touch Therapy Launched at 101 Sparks St. Ottawa

Quantum-Touch therapy launched at “In Touch With Health” at the Sparks Street Mall in Ottawa, just steps away from the Centre Block at Parliament Hill.  Offering Quantum-Touch therapy downtown provides those working with stressors and intense positions to have an opportunity to pop into the former Birks building for a 1 hour session of relaxation, stress reduction, and increased capacity for concentration, creativity and clarity.  Just steps away from the seat of government, the courts, and the major decision makers of the day, this tiny oasis can promote massive changes in perception, comfort levels, and physical wellbeing.

Reduction in physical discomfort, mental overload, and intense interactions can all melt away in moments when visiting and spending time on the table where the rest of the world ceases to exist in that short time, that can feel like a lifetime.  A mini vacation moments away from where things are happening is a distinct possibility with a visit to Lucies.

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