Quantum-Touch Therapy Instructors and Practitioners

I’ve been reflecting on how many Quantum-Touch therapy classes I’ve offered across Canada since I became an instructor in 2004 and how many of those participants have become practitioners and instructors.  I’ve checked out the listings to see how many of those continue to be listed today, and have found that Lily Rahmann from Quebec is an instructor in both Level I and Level II, Kim Cross from Gananoque is an instructor in Level I and has been for many years now, Kim Hutt from Iroquois has recently become a Level I instructor, as has Linda Graham from Ottawa,  Nancy Browman has been a Level I instructor for some years, and Darla Clarke from St. Albert, Alberta continues to teach.  Then I checked out the practitioners listing and have found that Sandra Sullivan from Ottawa has now become a practitioner after initially taking the class for the first time about 6 years ago, Ted Yells, currently living on Vancouver Island, took the class from me several times in 2005-6, Sheila Sullivan, from Quebec, took the class with her husband several years ago, and have shared their wonderful shared practice with me with e-mails and telephone calls since they took the first class.  Jennifer Tremblay took the class many years ago at the MacLaren Centre and has now become a Level I instructor, and Elizabeth Stewart took the class from me in Midland in about 2007.

As I am pondering the current instructors and practitioners I am wondering about those who are no longer listed, such as Yvon Dube, instructor from Laval, Quebec for many years, and who initially took the video workshop with me here in 2003 and who attended that first amazing workshop with me in Dunrobin in September 2004. He’s been instructing Quantum-Touch therapy all over Quebec as well as in France and Los Angeles, since then.  As I check out the practitioners and instructors in the province of Quebec, I see how effective Yvon has been with his teaching there.  I would love to find a way to check in with his clients as I’m sure that there would be great reports of results from that quarter as well.

Way to go Yvon, you are an inspiration to everyone particularly here in Ontario where we’re really just getting up to speed with our expansion.


As the rules have changed, and more practitioners are trained, I am always impressed at how much this modality has grown in those years since I was first certified as an instructor in June 2004.

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