Quantum-Touch Therapy in Ottawa

I have recently offered the two-day Quantum-Touch therapy Level I training here in Ottawa. This training is easy to teach, simple to learn, and profound to practice and receive. However, I’ve recently become aware, that although I observe amazing results with the clients see in my practice, and in the students who come to the classes, the question of results is not a common topic amongst those who are receiving training and training information in other places. I will therefore, offer information in this site on the conditions or symptoms with which I work in my practice, and the results I witness regularly occuring under my hands as I work with clients.

Many clients I see have been involved in accidents, including automobile accidents, falls on the ice or in their homes, past surgeries as well as scheduled surgeries. The injuries range from broken limbs, damaged muscles, and head injuries.
The results I witness are profound. I ask my clients to measure their pain on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the most severe pain and I often receive a response that the pain is at 10+++++ level when they enter my studio office. The level of pain at the end of that first session is usually at a level of 3 or below. As I work with clients over time, and I mean 3 or 4 visits, their pain will return to a level of 0 and their range of motion, their ability to move and function improves to levels they can only remember in the distant past. They leave my office with a bounce to their step wearing a smile upon their faces that are remarkable to witness as they have renewed physical energy, increased bloodflow to their extremeties including their heads, as I observe the colour in the faces becoming a rosy pink, rather than a very pale, white colour that was evident on their arrival. They are able to participate more fully in their own lives and in the lives of their families and communities. Their sleep becomes more efficient, so that they awaken in the morning, feeling fully rested, restored and refreshed able to get on with their daily activities with renewed inspired vigor.

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