Quantum-Touch Therapy: how healing happens..

This morning I’m simply contemplating the results I see in my clients when i place my hands upon their bodies and witness the manner in which their systems create wellness. For instance, since we do not treat conditions, nor healing anything, we simply hold the space for the body to heal itself, I’m aware of some very powerful situations such as concussions whereby I simply held my hands upon the head of my client in various positions, and felt the bones shifting and the cerebrospinal fluid moving over the bones feeling like a cool waterfall.

As I worked recently with a young woman who had had a surgery on her left knee, I could feel the changing in the knee, however, when I went to the right leg and held the foot, she could feel many more changes happening the her left knee as well as her left foot.

In another case, when I worked with a client who had worked in an office with many toxins, causing great stress throughout her body including migraines and other areas of pain within her body, she expriences greater and greater feelings of wellness, as her body entrains to the higher vibration, and finds its own place of wellness.

I am truly finding an even greater appreciation for this wonderful modality I call my work, and I’m attracting students who seem to already know this work before they enter the training room. I’m also attracting clients who know that this is the modality where they will find wellness and that complete restoration to perfect health as we work together…

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