Quantum-Touch Therapy: Creating Resiliency in our Lives

This morning I’ve been thinking about when I was attempting to find a word or a phrase that summed up the impact we experience when we are working with energy. I remember that the ‘word’ I had chosen was ‘RESILIENCY’ as a word that truly expresses what happens to our beings when we are using Quantum-Touch regularly in our wellness.
Why would I use RESILIENCE as that word to describe what we experience? I had originally considered that it refers to our emotional toughness we begin to experience when we’re using QT regularly in our daily practice within ourselves for wellness in all ways, in all areas of our beings.
If someone makes a statement or is behaving in a way that would have created feelings of disempowerment before we started our journey with Quantum-Touch therapy, now that you have experienced how you feel when you have an energized and balanced chakra system, you know that your place of personal empowerment, your third chakra, is strong, and you know the difference in how you feel when you are fully empowered and in charge of your feelings and when you are not.
I have found that I can simply focus on that area, and take a moment or two to be fully present to myself, and in this case, my third chakra to regain my awareness of my ‘RESILIENT” self, to bring myself back to centre, and know that I’m fine, in charge of me, and all those other feelings are now gone.
Resiliency enhances our immunity, our creativity, our ability to relax, as well as to do exercise, and to have more physical strength.
My thoughts for today, and I’ll be expanding on this more another day.
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