Quantum-Touch Therapy and Working with Tumours

This morning I’m reflecting on how many clients I’ve seen who presented to me with a cancer diagnosis. I remember the first clients came to me quite a few years ago, following some telephone conversations, as I wasn’t at all certain that I wanted to do this. You see, in a previously learned modality, we were instructed to never work on a tumour, and I’d been well indoctrinated in that learning. However, Richard had always stated that tumours shrink when you use Quantum-Touch therapy holding a high vibration.

However, this client did not believe that, and he wanted me to work with him. He in fact, had a holistic doctor who monitored him following each visit, so we had some really good feedback.

He came to me following a surgery on the side of his nose. This current tumour was in the lymph glands on the left side of his neck. It was actually difficult to see, as it was quite embedded, and it was only after he turned his head in a certain way that I could see the large lump. I sat at his head, and spent the entire time with my arms anchored on the table on either side of his head, and cupped that area where the tumour was located. As I’ve said, I was really anxious, but knew that the vibration of anxiety was not what we needed, so I trusted Richard and my client, and the absolute wisdom of the energy, and applied my craft for a good hour.

Following the session, the lump appeared to be larger, but he felt that some of the pressure from the lump had diminished, and we set up another appointment. When he returned, he reported that his holistic doctor had measured the lump, and that it had diminished, and had moved away from the vital organs.

In total we had 4 appointments before his scheduled surgery, and each time the tumour became smaller, providing for him the confidence that the breathing tube as well as the part of his throat needed for swallowing would be safe from the invasive surgery. He was pleased with our work, as was I.

Since that event, I’ve worked with many other clients who have had cancer diagnosis, and they always report that the tumours have shrunk, in fact, in some cases to being almost non existent. I have total confidence in Quantum-Touch therapy to raise the vibration of that condition to a higher plane where illness does not exist, and with my most recent client, I trust that we will have a similar experience as we work together.

Blessings, and Gratitude to Richard, Jennifer, and all the QT who help us to spread the word and to maintain our community…

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