Quantum-Touch Therapy and working with our furry friends

This morning I’m giving thanks for Quantum-Touch and Richard and all those involved in this work. I’m currently working with pet, the beloved furry friend of a client of mine, and I’m reminded of the very first class I taught, in September of 2004. That is now exactly 16 years ago, and this class was offered in the home of a friend whose house had a massive, sunken living room, where the class took place. There were 12 students in that class, and an elder wire haired terrier named Rusty. So, the class was held in this big living room, and each time the students were doing their practice session between the lecture portion of the class, I’d sit on one of the stairs going down into the living room, and Rusty would come to sit beside me, with his back end facing me, letting me know that was where he wanted the work done. So, like a good practitioner, I offered the work where it was needed, so Rusty had a lot of energy run into his hips over those 2 days.On the Saturday evening, the husband of my friend went out to see the horses, and of course, Rusty accompanied him. When he returned to the house, he asked my friend what had she done with Rusty that day, as he was running around like a puppy. Clearly Rusty knew what was good for him, and he requested it. At the end of the workshop, we did the star formation on the floor where we connect with hands and feet in the circle and run energy from person to person, where you need to have 12 people to do this exercise. When we were complete, everyone was very slow to move, and when we were able to sit up, Rusty went around the room to the 12 people, to greet them, and then he lay down on a mat in the middle of the circle. I believe that Rusty was giving thanks to everyone for their presence and for his healing.I love this work, it has healed my body, and my mind. It has provided for me the most amazing career, that I’ll be doing for another 40 years, and for which I give thanks every day. In fact, on a daily basis, I’m becoming more aware of how effective this work is on healing our planet, and all the peoples on the planet of our various conditions.

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