Quantum-Touch Therapy and working with Old Injuries

Yesterday I worked again with Trish, my friend and client who has had some major issues, mostly around broken bones, and the surgery that was performed to correct them. We’ve been working together for about 5 years, on perhaps a monthly basis, and more recently, about 2x per month. The major surgery on her right shoulder continues to redo much of the misalignment issues, and she has so much more flexibility than previously.

What we are really impressed with are the issues from much earlier in her life that are coming up to be healed. Her ears, and some severe vertigo that had been totaly forgotten, until following on session she could not leave her bedroom for several days. There was a lot of fluid coming out of her ears. It continues to do this on occasion, but much less often, and less severely.

Yesterday, I worked on her lower abdomen. She has had discomfort on both side of her lower abdomen, as well as in the diaphram area. As I worked over the ilio-sacal valve area, we heard much gurgling, and shifting. At times there was pain in her righ knee, and down to her ankle and big toe on that side. Then I worked on the colon area above on that side where the ascending colon becomes the transverse colon. And then I held the area where we generally find the diaphram. In each area there was a lot of movement and gurgling. I then worked on the sigmoid colon on the left side and the corresponding flecture. Always I have one hand on the top and the other hand underneath her body, so that I am also working on her back. She became aware of activity in her sacrum and her right shoulder where she had experienced that major surgery about 15 years ago now. I then moved to her neck where she was also feeling pain, and held that area for about 10 minutes. While I’m holding her neck, her right arm starts to do it’s Quantum-Physio and stretches and shifts until she can actually place her hand totally flat on the table beside her ear, with her elbow pointing straight up at the ceiling. She feel the effects across her chest, and up the inside of her upper arm. The arms continues to stretch out the muscles that have been restricted for all these years, and to stretch them out just enough to provide more space, but not enough to cause any damage.
I placed my hands beneath her shoulders for a few moments as the arms settles down, and as Trish has gone into a deeply altared state, I decide that we are done. By the way, this is the first time in all the years we have been doing this work, that she has gone so deeply into that state. From my experience with many clients over the years, that deep state, and the age of the injuries we are working with, we are doing some really profound work here, and as her life continues to shift and become more aligned with the healing that has been done, we are both really curious as to what may lie in store for her as time passes. I can only state, again and again, how deeply grateful I am for this work, and for the amazing results that I witness as I hold the space, do my deep breathing, my positive expectation, and my intention and bear witness.

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