Quantum-Touch Therapy and working with Clients

This morning as I’m awaiting my client at 10:00 am and contemplating that the temperature will be away above freezing by lunch time, and that all those snow banks will begin melting, I’m working with my planning calendar, my future articles in my local magazine, and my plans to take Quantum-Touch further out across the country here in Canada.
My clients are experiencing such amazing results all the time, whether it’s from anxiety, insomnia, poor digestion, painful joints, or low energy, they are always so astonished when the session is finished, and they begin to sit up. As they gain awareness they realize that their body has been transformed. Sometimes, they aren’t really certain of what has happened fully for a few days, and it may take a few sessions, before they are really fully aware of what has happened, but it just keeps on happening, on very subtle as well as more obvious levels.
Increased energy, greater stamina, better and more profound sleep, improved posture, less pain, and even no pain, greater fluidity of movement creating more ease with walking and exercising, even playing sports, and increased enthusiasm for the future, are all results and feedback I get from my clients on a regular basis.
I’m so grateful that I discovered this work all those years ago.. in fact, its now about 14 years since I found Quantum-Touch therapy, and I can’t believe how much I am always looking forward to each and every day of doing my work… and how much energy it gives me, as well as a standard of living and of life that is remarkable.

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