Quantum-Touch Therapy and Working with Cancer

Today I’m thinking about the brother of my friend, who passed away recently. He and I started high school together back in 1954, and I remember his lovely smile, and she posted a photo here earlier today of him, as I remembered him with his wife and children. He still looked as he had in high school, but I know when I last saw him, he had gained a great deal of weight, and now in his mid-seventies, he has passed away in a long a very painful journey with ‘cancer’.

I’m feeling sadness as well as anger as I’m present to what is happening to so many people I know, many 20 years younger than John or myself, and I’m also thinking about those clients I’ve worked with who came to me with their diagnosis, and how differently their results were.

For instance, my very favourite client, who I’ve worked with many times for many situations, was told when she went for her annual PAP test that she had abnormal cells in her cervix. Initially, she felt a bit devastated, and then she decided that she would come to see me before she had the procedure called a biopsy when they take a sample of the cells for analysis. I still remember what we both felt when I worked on her lower abdomen, and felt that blast of energy go down my arm and into her body. We both jumped a bit as we were not accustomed to having the energy move in quite that way.

About two weeks later, on a Saturday morning when I was getting ready to teach a class, she called me. Her doctor had just called her with the results of the biopsy. The result was that those abnormal cells were now dead cells. So there was nothing more needing to be done.

I’ve also worked with many young women who have been diagnosed with a tumour on a breast. They came to see me, before having their initial procedure with their doctor, and in all cases, the tumour was smaller than previously, and the surgeries all went well. Generally, they came to see me following the surgery and their healing seemed to take place quite quickly and with very positive results.

So, today, I’m to spread the word about this wonderful work. We don’t cure anything, we don’t treat anything, we simply hold the space with a high vibration and our clients entrain to the higher vibration, and the body takes care of its own healing. How I would like to have this message spread further, and wider in our world, so that people like my former school mate, and my other friends who are taken from us long before their time (in my opinion) could have an opportunity to have a longer, healthier life.
You can find my website: www.aileensoasis.com and my blogsite at www.wellnessunlimited.ca .. for information on other wonderful results, the scheduled classes, and other information. Please also check out the Quantum-Touch, Inc website ate www.quantumtouch.com for more classes in your area.. this is the medicine of the future, and we all need to be ready to spread the word. It’s our job. I faced my own death a few years ago, and when I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to call the emergency services, I was told that my time had not come yet, and that I had a lot of work to do for many years. I called the ambulance, and I was brought back from the brink of death, and I’ll be here for a long time, doing the work that I’ve been here to do.

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