Quantum-Touch Therapy and Wellness Centres

We would think of a Wellness Centre as being a place where all your wellness needs can be met, however, I’m going to suggest that a true wellness centre is a place where one modality can actually create results with all aspects of your wellness; your physical body, your emotional body, your spiritual body, and your relationship body. As I do my work, I know that my clients are feeling improvement at all levels of their beings. When someone comes to see me as the result of injuries that occurred during their training to be long distant running. I may work on those injured limbs, initially without obvious improvement to those spaces, however, following the session, in response to my question about any changes of which they are aware, and the response is that they are feeling calm and relaxed, something that they have not been feeling for several years. After the second session, where the results where similar, the third session brought amazing results to those injured areas, and the effects of the relaxation were clear, a much more relaxed athlete who was unlikely to become injured again.
Another client who came to see me with a physical complaint, had similar results. The physical area improved, and in fact completely disappeared after several sessions, the vision issue gradually improved, however the most amazing shift was in the emotional and comfort level in their own bodies.
I love the work I do, and the levels of healing that can occur as I place my hands upon the body of my clients, as I do my breathing and focussing on running energy. Not only do I witness this in my clients, but as I work with my clients, I know that my own system, all aspects of my system are being healed as well. I have continued to be a healthier and stronger senior adult as a result of this work, and I will continue to do this into the foreseeable future.
This work is available to everyone, either as a clients or as a student. Everyone can do this work, and can offer this to their families, their friends, their colleagues, as well as their pets, and their plants. We can also energize our water, and as a result of an experiment I conducted several years ago, the levels of e-coli and coliform in the water sample from the beach at Mooney’s Bay, were reduced 86%.

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