Quantum-Touch Therapy and the Power of Possibilities

This morning I really experienced the power of this work, as well as how we need to be conscious to our own needs where Quantum-Touch Therapy is concerned.

As an older female who has been really active in my life, but for the last 20 years, I’ve not been as intensely active, and since losing my furry friend, I’ve basically stopped doing long walks. As this has happened, my bladder has had less and less muscle, therefore creating less control.

I’ve done many things, such as exercises to increase the muscle, as well as to deal with the back pain caused from several falls on my back. I’ve also done a lot of work on my back and had my healing circle group work on my back as well.. However, I’ve never worked on my lower abdomen myself until yesterday morning.

I could feel what was happening immediately, and this morning, it was astonishing. I could feel the muscles changing, and I suppose it was the tightening of the muscles that I was conscious of… it was a sensation of something strengthening, or tightening. Not a big movement, but a feeling of constant change, and it was clear as I began to move around that change had indeed happened.

I’m over the moon, I would never have had a surgery to do this repair as many women, and my friends and relatives have done, but now I know that no one needs to have that surgery done… It changes really quickly and substantially when QT is applied. I’m certain that my exercises have been making a difference as well, and more walking and time spent on my equipment… will maintain the change that has happened…

Such an amazing shift, and I’ll be keeping you up to date as the days go by… I’m keeping track of the changes, and I’ll be documenting the changes, and you will be kept informed…

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