Quantum-Touch Therapy and the Healing of the Planet

This morning I’m thinking again about the work I do. Clearly Quantum-Touch therapy is very important in my life, and I believe that it is important in this time in the history of the planet, in terms of how powerfully it is and can affect the health of the planet and everyone on the planet… I’m remembering when I first began to realize how powerfully this gentle, profound transformational work would and could change who we are and how we will relate to each other in this time upon our planet.

I was listening to Gregg Braden with Rollin McCraty in an webinar from the HeartMath institute. This interview was about the heart intelligence and how powerfully our heart and mind are connected, and how much the energy of these connections affects not only our lives, but the lives of everyone around us.

When I first discovered Gregg Braden back in 1998 from an instructor at a Somato Release training in Toronto, I was blown away by how much energy healing was perfect for the changes taking place on the planet. In Gregg’s first two books and videos, I learned about the planetary shifts taking place, and how the magnetics were decreasing and the vibrations were increasing, essentially pushing us to increase our vibration. How, I asked myself do I do that.

When I first began to learn Quantum-Touch Therapy, it was clear to me that we were working with the precise modality that was geared to help us to raise our vibration to maintain a synchronization with that of the planet. And when I ponder the potential of the Quantum-Touch Level II I am totally overwhelmed with what we are all here to do, and most of us have now been trained in this work, or will be in the next few months. I see this work as an necessity for living on planet Earth at this time in history. As they way, ‘We are the Ones, We have been waiting for’.

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