Quantum-Touch Therapy and reducing the bacteria in the River

Again, in the context of working with parasites, I am reminded to the work we did at the Mooney’s Bay beach where the e-coli and coliform counts were reduced by more thand 85 % after 4 of us spent 1-1/2 hours energizing one cup of water each for 4 minutes. We went into the lower end of the beach and filled our mugs with water, and then sat for 4 minutes running water into those cups. After the 4 minutes was up, we dumped the water back into the river, and then filled our cups again, and repeated the process. I had pulled a before sample, and at the end of our 1-1/2 hour, I pulled an after sample. Then I took them to the environmental lab, where they removed them from the cooler where they had been kept cool, and did the tests. The level of e-coli in the after sample was more than 85% and coliform less than in the before sample.

This took place in a river, where the water is moving constantly. We took the sample from a shallow area of the river, but otherwise the water was moving.

When I put this onto the forum on the Quantum-Touch website, I had many reactions, and one person asked how was it that our work had killed off all this bacteria. Another member came forward and responded that the e-coli had died off to create balance in the system. That really helped me to understand how we are creating balance when we do our work. So, in terms of parasites, they will die off to create wholeness and balance in the system.

Another one of my stories and how I love to do this work and to figure out what is going on as I do my work.

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