Quantum-Touch Therapy and Neck injuries: Stories from the Studio

Another memory of a client with a neck injury. She had needed to leave her job due to this injury, and was severely restricted in her activities because of the intense pain in her neck. She couldn’t look down, nor up, nor to either side. She was very tall, and beautiful, and her life was being so limited. She had also worked in the field of wellness, so was surprised to find herself in my studio.

I remember that first visit, when after about 10 minutes with one of my hands on her forehead, and the other one on her cervical spine, she lept off the table, startled by something that had moved in her neck. She stood there from her 5’11” height, and looked at me. She moved her head slowly down to look at the floor, and then up to the ceiling. Then she slowly turned her head to either side. She said that she had no idea what to say, nor did she understand what had happened, but that she had more freedom in her neck than she’d had for a long time.

We finished that session with about 10 more minutes of energy work, and I saw her over several months for maybe 8 sessions in total. Her life had been transformed. She travelled a lot, and would always need to take a lot of pain medication during long flights, and would need to restrict her activities in the afternoons during vacations, as she would be too tired and in too much pain for evening activities, if she attempted to stay busy for the entire day. Following that first series of sessions, when she went on vacation, she could participate in a full day, as well as a full evening. She had more comfort in driving her car, as she could now look over her shoulder, and back up when she needed to, without restriction.

As I’ve said, her life was transformed. I remember that first visit, when I was accompanying her to the door, she said, “I’m not able to express what I’m feeling, as I don’t have any idea what has happened, but I’m overwhelmed by how I feel”. As I’ve said we continued to work together, and her life just kept getting better.

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