Quantum-Touch Therapy and dealing with Hearing issues..

This morning I’m in further gratitude to this work, and the results that occur regularly here in my studio. I’ve been working with a client who has been on a heavy duty exercise program, and helping to deal with sore muscles… and we have been producing amazing results. However, following several week long vacations in the tropics, and beginning a new job, she was having sever headaches, and sinus pain. We considered that it had to do either with the air, or tension, or whatever, and I worked on her head, her face, and all those places where she was experiencing pain.
Yesterday, she went to see a doctor, who, after hearing about her latest vacation in the south, on a cruise ship and doing a lot of swimming in the ocean, recognized the pattern as being water entrapped in her ear. She came to see me last evening, and I worked my special ear technique, which I’ve done with many clients dealing with ear infections, hearing loss, and all those other ear things that happen, and we could both feel the shifting in her right ear as the change happened, and the pressure was gone. When she stood up, feeling a bit wobbly as her equilibrium was changing and returning to normal, she sort of whooped at being able to stand without the pain returning to her head.
She’s just sent me a message, and her head still feels great, and although I may do one more session before she goes back to work on Tuesday, we know that she has found permanent relief from the bit of ocean in her ear.
Blessings, to Richard and his great evolution with energy work…

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