Quantum-Touch and working with Client Issues

This morning I’m thinking about my client who came to me some time ago, initially to help with hip joint pain, that was causing him some concern. This pain was dealt with very quickly however, he had also asked that I work on his vision. He had been noticing how much he was missing when he was driving, and the street signs were not clear until he was almost on top of them. We started to work on his eyes, and although it didn’t happen instantly, it has certainly happened, and he now has ‘in his words’ 20/20 vision. He measures his clarity of vision by checking out the window in my therapy space, and he has a place where he looks to check it out. We are overjoyed with this, as he has now an entirely new look at life and the fact that he can keep doing is work, and driving his car for many years to come. Quantum-Touch Therapy just creates so much potential for wellness, as we are energy beings intended to live in perfect wellness, and we can, when we understand about raising the vibration of our energetic systems. Totally simply, powerful and endlessly creating miracles.