Qiuantum-Touch Therapy and working with Animals…..

This morning I’m really very aware of a part of my practice that I’ve never focused on specifically, but I’m going to ensure that I have some photos and information about the doggie part of my practice. Of course, I had my own beautiful furry being who lived to 15 years of age without ever being unwell, except at the very end.
At this moment, I’m working with a beautiful golden, using distant healing for 15 minute sessions. She has a cancer diagnosis and has been in a lot of pain. She has been improving since I’ve been working with her, and her pain has been reduced considerably, and she sleeps well. In fact, last night she had a long sound like contentment when I had finished her session and she was on her own bed going to sleep.
From the early days of my practice, and in fact when I offered my very first class, there was a elder wire haired terrier who spent time with me each time the students were doing their work, and Rusty would back up to me as I sat on the step, and I’d run energy into his hips. On that Saturday night, the man in the house went out to check on his horses, and Rusty as usual was with him. When he came in he asked what we had done with Rusty that day, as he was running around like a puppy.. Some years later, my friend told me that Rusty had some added years to his life because of that weekend with Quantum-Touch.
A student from Kingston, Ontario, who had taken the class, and on the Monday, she was aware that the dog next door was outside walking in a very awkward manner. She checked with her neighbour to discover that her black lab had slipped on the ice, and had damaged his spine, so that his tail stuck out to the side. She offered to do a few sessions with the dog. Following the first session, when the dog was outside the next morning, the tail was back where it belonged. She did several more session of about 10 minutes each. The owner wanted to pay her for her work, but she simply said that she had learned this work, and was just doing her practice sessions. The neighbour told her that after an overnight in the animal hospital, and a $250. bill, she really wanted to give something to my student.
A colleague of mine was asked to see a horse that had been given steroids to help its lungs. She worked with the horse only a few times, and each time the need for the steroids was diminished. Following the last session, the horse put its head around my colleagues neck and basically gave her a hug. That kind of gratitude is amazing…
I strongly urge anyone interested in doing this work with animals, Im certain that you could have an amazing practice, as they accept this work so easily, and respond quickly. Their bodies just return to their state of perfect health.

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