Wellness and the Benefits of Stretching

I remember when I first heard to the terms “Stretching” as the name of a process of exercising our bodies. I was living in Switzerland, and was attending a class being offered at the World Health Organization attended by about 20 other people.

I loved that little class, and was drawn to attend weekly, and was totally surprised at how well I felt after doing the stretching exercises daily. In fact, it has led me to spend more time in my daily live when realized that I was having a lot of pain and discomfort, and when I stretched first thing in the morning, I felt so much better, and actually started to feel taller, realizing that I was pulling my body up out of my pelvis and elongating my spine.

I’ve since done a lot of stretching in many ways to deal with particularly lower back pain, following several falls on my back in recent years, and I knew that I’d not damaged anything, but I certainly had a lot of stiffness when I got up in the morning, and I didn’t want to start taking pain medication, so I pushed myself into my little gym and spend 5 to 10 minutes on the floor, stretching my back and my legs, and as I felt stronger and could feel my muscles increasing, I resisted less, and explored a bit more the theme of gentle stretching to create more energy, strength, and high level wellness.

I’ll be back next Friday, both here and on video to share more of the story of my wellness.

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10 Step to Create the Best 10 Years Ever

Would you like to know how to shift your business success in this year to experience success in your business that takes you way farther than you could ever have imagined. This is what my group coaching program offers to you.

We will meet 3 times each month over a 10 month period, learning new ways to be in business so that you are regularly taking stock of your income and taking new steps to find your perfect clients so that you are increasing your intake regularly, without working harder, but simply working smarter.

Just check in with Aileen’s Oasis to discover when this program is being offered, and you can become part of this amazing process while continuing with what you have always dreamed of. If you currently a Quantum-Touch Therapy Instructor or Practitioner, when you already know about the Law of Attraction and how it works with your clients, and now you can learn how it applies to your and your business.

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Attracting your Perfect Clients

This morning as I’m preparing for the new year, I’m focussing on my coaching program for instructors and practitioners of Quantum-Touch Therapy. I’m focussin this morning on the piece of this work that is dedicated to attracting the perfect clients.
Those perfect clients will be those who are really drawn to your work, the aspect of that work that is specifically yours. The quality of your input, and the care that you dedicate to your work.
They are always on time for their sessions, and they always tell you how much they appreciate whate you do. They tell all their friends about the value of your work, and how much they have benefitted from the time they spend with you.
They are the clients who want to pay you for the work you do, and they will pay you in advance of their sessions, and would pay you double what you currently charge, if that is what you would desire.
I love this work, and bringing it to others who are doing this work as well, will ensure that everyone who is interested in being involved with this coaching program with me, will be living with peace, abundance, and more clients than they can schedule into their practices.
If anyone would like to know more about this work, please check out my website at www.aileensoasis.com… and at www.wellnessunlimited.ca .. to learn more about my work.

We welcome you to an environment where wellbeing, inspiration, joy, empowerment and harmony are the focus of our work. We work with clients at the individual level, in the immediate community and the greater world.


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Coaching and Quantum-Touch Therapy in 2020

Aileen McKenna

45 mins · 

December 31st, at 5:00 am… why do I need to be up this early? I guess I’m needing to be up to reflect upon the last 12 months of my life and get ready for tomorrow morning when I’ll be looking forward with great anticipation to the next 12 months.
This past 12 months have been amazing. I’ve become a LoA Life Coach, and as such I’ve been working on changing the work I’m doing as a QT instructor and practitioner as well as I’m preparing of offer several different programs.
I’m changing how I’m doing the Healing Circles for students, both the phyical Healing Circle which is now more about having students working in pairs and giving each other a session, just as they would be doing when working with an individual client.
And I’ve decided to do a Virtual Healing Circle where we connect, the students and myself, who are living at a distance from each other, or who cannot be present to the physical Healing Circle, through the use of ZOOM and each student will be working with someone of their choice in their own space, either a clients, family member, plant, or pet, or they may be doing Distant Healing with someone during their session online.
These are such amazing shifts and I’m going to be into this next week, as the new year begins.
And I’m developing the Law of Attraction Coaching Program for Instructors and Practitioners, to develop greater ways to have successes in their practitices through the use of the many coaching tools in the Law of Attraction protocols. I’ll be offering this within the next month or so, and it will be a 6 month program with no more than 10 participants in the first offering.
So, why am I up at 5:00 am…. I’m so full of energy, and inspiration that i really can’t spend any more time in bed this morning.
I will be doing my 7:00 am Distant Healing session, my last one in 2019, and then I’ll be giving thanks for all this wonderful work I do, and these amazing opportunities I have to build this very exciting life for myself, and to provide for others a similar opportunity…..

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Aileen’s Oasis and Journeys into the Future

As I’m working with the material I want to include in the coaching program I’m developing for the practitioners and instructors of Quantum-Touch Therapy, I’m a bit overwhelmed with this memory I had yestday with a coaching call I had with a colleague.

Had an amazing coaching call last night with my coaching buddy, during which I remembered a vision I had a few years ago. When I would meditation, I would go into this little place on the beach, I believe in Australia, or maybe one of the islands, however, I would sit outside my little hut and meditate beside the sea. I had a guide who would approach me from the right side, and usually he would just be with me.

On the day of this vision, I was wanting to know what I was to be doing, and when my guide approached (I now know that he was Jesus, and he wore a long robe, and carried a big staff (or stick). So, I was asking questions, and he just kept walking, without responding. We walked along the beach a long way, and then there appeared this massive marble curved staircase that just went up into the beyond. My guide just walked up the staircase, and I followed, but I was complaining and asking where we were going, etc all the time.

When we reached the top, there was nothing but open space. It didn’t actually lead us to anything that I could recognise. So, I started to ask, where are we going… He simply asked me what I could see. So I could see the see beyond, and there was a little whirlpool where I would receive images, but he asked me to look further, to look higher. So, I responded that I would see the stars, and the moon, and all the planets, and other galaxies. So, he asked me if I could imagine what would happen if one of those planets became impatient, and started to try to speed up, or to change direction, or in some other way to change what it had been doing. Of course, I could imagine that it would cause chaos, and when I said that, my guide simply responded, “Exactly”.

Then he asked me to take a step off that top step. Of course, I said no way, I’ll fall, etc. So, he stepped off that step, and stood suspended for a few moments, and then he reached out to take my hand, and again, I resisted. He reached out again, and this time I reached for his hand, and took a step, and he was gone, but I stood there totally safe and suspended in space just away from the staircase.

The next thing I knew was that I was back sitting outside my little cabin on the beach, but I knew that there things I needed to be doing, and that timing was of the essence. It would all happen in its perfect timing, and I needed to just go where I felt drawn, and to keep on taking those brave steps, and when I did with faith and trust, it was actually being created for me just as I needed it, and would provide whatever I needed.

Such an amazing feeling to know that all is well and in its perfect order. So, as I’m working on my group coaching program, and at times I’m a bit frustrating as I keep finding more aspects to what I’m developing.

So, I’m going forward in faith and inspiration knowing that all is in order…Thank you Christy for your work…

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Quantum-Touch Therapy and the Power of Possibilities

This morning I really experienced the power of this work, as well as how we need to be conscious to our own needs where Quantum-Touch Therapy is concerned.

As an older female who has been really active in my life, but for the last 20 years, I’ve not been as intensely active, and since losing my furry friend, I’ve basically stopped doing long walks. As this has happened, my bladder has had less and less muscle, therefore creating less control.

I’ve done many things, such as exercises to increase the muscle, as well as to deal with the back pain caused from several falls on my back. I’ve also done a lot of work on my back and had my healing circle group work on my back as well.. However, I’ve never worked on my lower abdomen myself until yesterday morning.

I could feel what was happening immediately, and this morning, it was astonishing. I could feel the muscles changing, and I suppose it was the tightening of the muscles that I was conscious of… it was a sensation of something strengthening, or tightening. Not a big movement, but a feeling of constant change, and it was clear as I began to move around that change had indeed happened.

I’m over the moon, I would never have had a surgery to do this repair as many women, and my friends and relatives have done, but now I know that no one needs to have that surgery done… It changes really quickly and substantially when QT is applied. I’m certain that my exercises have been making a difference as well, and more walking and time spent on my equipment… will maintain the change that has happened…

Such an amazing shift, and I’ll be keeping you up to date as the days go by… I’m keeping track of the changes, and I’ll be documenting the changes, and you will be kept informed…

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Quantum-Touch Therapy Coaching Program

Law of Attraction Coaching with Quantum-Touch Therapy Practitioners and Instructors

What will this programme do for you?

How will you benefit from being part of this group?

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Working With Quantum-Touch

Busy writing about my work, and blogging about what I do as well as how I’m planning to bring this message to the greater world. I’m always in awe of how powerful this work can be, and the results, relief and recovery evident as I work with clients, both using hands-on work, here while my clients are cozy on the massage, covered by a sheet and a small blanket, with a big pillow under their knees. Many ask if they can just stay on the table at the end of their sessions, as they are feeling very comfortable and relaxed in their cozy, safe and painfree space.

This great Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I work that I offer, is very powerful, yet totally simple in terms of learning, and applying. I offer hands-on sessions, where I use certain equipment, however, Richard taught us all to do this work with our clients sitting on chairs, and us standing or sitting beside them. I like to use the table, so that totaly relaxation is possible.

I also offer Distant Healing sessions, where my clients can be in their homes, often still in bed, and maybe asleep, and they are feeling the amazing results of this work.

Results of this work, whether hands-on or Distant Healing, are felt on all levels. Clients who are dealing with pain anywhere in their body, often headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, ankle pain, or any other kind of physical distress, is relieved quickly and more powerfully and completely with each session. I’m always astonished, and even moreso, when my clients express their gratitude and surprise when they realize how much better they feel.

An upside of having pain relief, is an increase in physical energy, as well as an increase in restful, healing sleep.

So, just to share how easy this work is to learn and to apply, I urge everyone to take this opportunity to register to take the Quantum-Touch Level I class, as taught by Richard Gordon, and you will witness these results under your hands as well. 

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Reflections at the dentists’ Chair

As I reflect upon this work in my own life, with the straightening of my spine, and release all my lower back pain, and strengthening my leg muscles and my lower body joints… anxiety and fear that resided in my heart area was released as I would awaken each morning during a particularly difficult time in my life, with my two hands over the heart area, realizing that my was taking charge of my own healing while I was sleeping.

As I was sitting in the chair at my dentists’ office yesterday, and he was putting the new cap on that tooth way at the back on the lower left side of my mouth, we were having a ‘chat’ about health and wellness, and my diet, and how I cared for myself, as I am a very healthy elder. I couldn’t speak a lot, but I did manage to talk about what I am doing in my life, and I realized the impact of all my work, and of how effective my breathing practice (learned and continued due to my Quantum-Touch Therapy practice), has been in not only energizing my body, but also allowing me to fully relax and release tension in my body.

Again, I’m always filled with gratitude for all my work, and the results I have witnessed in my own body, mind and spirit, as well as with all my clients.

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Quantum-Touch Therapy and Wellness Centres

We would think of a Wellness Centre as being a place where all your wellness needs can be met, however, I’m going to suggest that a true wellness centre is a place where one modality can actually create results with all aspects of your wellness; your physical body, your emotional body, your spiritual body, and your relationship body. As I do my work, I know that my clients are feeling improvement at all levels of their beings. When someone comes to see me as the result of injuries that occurred during their training to be long distant running. I may work on those injured limbs, initially without obvious improvement to those spaces, however, following the session, in response to my question about any changes of which they are aware, and the response is that they are feeling calm and relaxed, something that they have not been feeling for several years. After the second session, where the results where similar, the third session brought amazing results to those injured areas, and the effects of the relaxation were clear, a much more relaxed athlete who was unlikely to become injured again.
Another client who came to see me with a physical complaint, had similar results. The physical area improved, and in fact completely disappeared after several sessions, the vision issue gradually improved, however the most amazing shift was in the emotional and comfort level in their own bodies.
I love the work I do, and the levels of healing that can occur as I place my hands upon the body of my clients, as I do my breathing and focussing on running energy. Not only do I witness this in my clients, but as I work with my clients, I know that my own system, all aspects of my system are being healed as well. I have continued to be a healthier and stronger senior adult as a result of this work, and I will continue to do this into the foreseeable future.
This work is available to everyone, either as a clients or as a student. Everyone can do this work, and can offer this to their families, their friends, their colleagues, as well as their pets, and their plants. We can also energize our water, and as a result of an experiment I conducted several years ago, the levels of e-coli and coliform in the water sample from the beach at Mooney’s Bay, were reduced 86%.

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