Melaleuca Wellness

I’ve been using these products since 1998, initially with respect for my clients who in many cases had allergies where cleaning products and scents were concerned.  As I worked with the laundry and floor cleaning products, I could notice the differences so I began using more and more of the products.  Recently, I discovered the benefits of using the Rustic Touch while not only dusting and restoring wooden surfaces, but also on chrome appliances, glass surfaces including windows in the house and the car.  I’ve also cleaning the leather upholstery in  my car and my office.  A wonderful wax that dries to an impenetrable surface that is immuned to finger prints and those other pesky things that make our furniture look unclean.  When I clean the bathroom with  Sol-u-guard everything smells so great of tea tree and thyme not at all like the other cleaning products we have all used in the past.

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