Meditation on Becoming a Universal Human

As I reflect upon events in my own life leading up to this past weekend, I can understand how we become ready to take certain steps in our own process, without necessarily knowing that we are going somewhere. In my case, I simply felt that I had done the work with Barbara Marx Hubbard as part of my own evolution and then I moved on to others teachings. Today, I’m understanding that I needed to have the learning from Greg Braden, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo and several other highly evolved teachers, to overlay my hands-on energy healing with Quantum-Touch therapy as well as my Empathic Coaching processes, and my own deeply felt healing from early childhood events to fully embrace my own purpose here on the planet. The recent events in Paris, together with other events, in Lebanon, and in other places, have shown me that we have indeed moved closer to that place we refer to as Chaos Point and it is indeed time to shift our focus from that of devolution, the destruction of our own life support system, to one of conscious evolution, wherein we learn how to co-create, co-operate and basically birth ourselves as new humans, who live in respect and love for everyone on the planet.

So as I’m developing my training plan for 2016, I’m organizing all the material I’ve been studying for 20 years or so, and planning how I’ll offer this work to help my fellow beings to recognize how evolved they truly are, and that they are the generation we’ve been waiting for.

Keep your eye on this blogsite, and and I’ll keep up the information I need to bring to you for your evolution and feelings of peace and purpose.

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