MasterMind Groups for Transformation in Soul Centred Businesses

When we spend time regularly with a small group of like-minded people who are wanting to shift what they feel is a level of movement to a place that would feel difference, and in all likelihood would possibly feel more ‘successful’. Often when we are working on our own in our businesses, we seem to be going around in circles, and maybe what we need is to have a different set of eyes, or several others sets of eyes to change how we either see our work, or to see something that could change how others see what we are doing.

There is an expression that refers to doing the same thing over and over, and expecting to achieve a different result. So, I’ve been attracted to explore the work of MasterMind groups to create that shaking up, or the input from others to suggest changing perhaps the name of our offering, or some other small aspect, such as the time of the week, or of the day, or the length of each component, that is a major energy shift and opens up the training, to many more clients and increases the satisfaction of that workshop.

Sometimes it is the most simple and small change that totally changes everything.