Living with High Level Wellness into our 8th Decade and Beyond

While I’ve been offering those little fb Live segments about taking good care of our bodies by using simple exercises and positive thoughts, I’ve been planning where to take this weekly program next. In the first 2 fb Live videos, I’ve shown you some simple stretches that you can do regularly in the morning that will start to help you with getting your day underway.

Something, I hadn’t fully grasped, as I’d always preferred to exercise in the evening to help me to have a good nights’ sleep, when I changed my habit to do those exercises in the morning, something miraculous started happening. I started to have more energy in the mornings, I had more creativity as well as to feel greater inspiration about my work, and look forward to taking it all to higher levels.

As you’ve noticed above, I’m writing my book, the story of my life, and since I started with a wonderful coach several years ago, soon after starting to lay our the various chapters, I noticed that something was missing: I needed to have an end point, and I didn’t feel that I’d arrived there yet.

Now that I’ve been living with some new programs, such as Law of Attraction Coaching, and developing group coaching programs, I’ve decided that I have reached that place of having an end point, or as I now recognize it, a results place where I can honestly demonstrate that all that living and solving problems that I’ve been doing, have clearly created the level of health, wellness, strength and creativity that I was seeking to get on with the various aspects of my life that I’m wanting to offer to the world, and I all started right where you are at this moment, that of desiring to have a healthier body that permitted me to live my life to the max, without intervention in the form of toxic chemicals, and I’ve learned how to do that mostly by trial and error and a lot of searching.

Enjoy the Journey, and I’ll be back here on Friday, to take you a few steps further.

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