Living in High Level Wellness: Wellness is A Hardwired Blessing

When we open the original text written by Richard Gordon, Quantum-Touch, The Power to Heal, we find these words at the top of the first page in Chapter 1,
A Hardwired Blessing.
When I read these words, I’m reminded that our bodies, minds, and spirits are, as Richard has written, programmed to be well. I have been writing about my experiences in my book currently being edited, ‘Living in Extraordinary Wellness into your 8th Decade and Beyond’.
I was a relatively sickly child and as a young woman and the mother of many children, I was also unwell often. However, I realized that when I became more aware myself, and my own body, mind and spirit, I have come to realize that when I focus on the part of me that is active, smart and healthy, I had all those attributes that we would consider normal in a young woman growing up in rural Ontario. I had been sick at least once each winter, and would need to stay at home, and probably in bed.
This was the pattern of my life and wellness until I became physically injured in what we would call a ‘repetitive strain injury’. I was sent for many sessions of physio and provided with a prescription for healing and pain. It was at this time when I realized that I was experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding that I sensed the wisdom in seeking a second opinion in the way to deal with my injury. I was referred to another practitioner and following a few simple techniques, the pain was gone, without any other side effects. In the end, it all seemed to be easy peasy.
I decided that I needed to pursue more information on what had occurred here, and thus the first steps in finding a very different way to live, following that concept, We Are Hardwired for Wellness.
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