Life as an Energy Being

This morning as I’m pondering what is happening in my world, and the essay from Caroline Myss that I shared yesterday, I’m more and more aware of how much I need to share what I’ve learned over these many years about energy. When I initially became involved in energy healing, I didn’t quite grasp how important it was to ‘get’ it. This morning as I’m sitting here, I’m aware of how much Richard’s initial on Quantum-Touch therapy held the truth for us all to grasp. It’s always funny for me to understand how much something so important, so simple, and so available, can seem to be so difficult to grasp, and maybe that’s the issue.I’m remembering in one of the early pages this quote, “We are hardwired for wellness.” Who knew what that meant. Do we fully grasp it now? I know that I am becoming more and more tuned into that truism, but I can still forget what it means and think about the unpleasant events in our lives, and allow a bit of fear, or anger seep in. Mostly I just feel sad when I witness such events. However, to refer back to the essay from Caroline, those events we witnessed on Thursday, and this pandemic, are truly a reflection of where we are on the emotional scale that is the basis for our wellness and for our capacity to take care of ourselves. For the more we allow ourselves to be influenced by those who have negative attitudes, fearful thoughts, and to feel that violence is the answer to a peaceful life, the less and less we are able to be well, to live in the high level wellness that we all desire, and to have a life of joy, peace and goodwill. Our thoughts surely are the indicator of our wellness. It is our thoughts that help us to experience that innate aspect of us that part that takes care of our ‘hardwiredness for wellness’. Another aspect of this that I know to be true and that often eludes me is that ‘Everything is energy’. It is only by fully grasping this concept that we can change our way of dealing with the greater world. When we fully get that ‘everything is energy’ then we can grasp how our thoughts and attitudes affect not only our own wellness, but also our relationships. If I’m always angry, or feeling frustrated with others, then I’m going to be experiencing those same attitudes back from others. It’s not necessarily an easy concept to grasp, but as soon as we start to play around with that possibility we can begin to feel how true it is, and how much we can change our lives when we begin to live in this way. Our lives are not intended to be difficult, and we where never intended to be sick and to need to spend long periods of time recovering from illnesses, however, as long as we hold the vibration of anger, frustration, the need for control and fear, we will continue to have these experiences. I live in a community of peace and basic tranquility, for which I am eternally grateful. I can grow my plants, and my food if I choose, and I shovel my snow, collect rain water in my rain barrel, and in general just have my life. I understand that not everyone can have these experiences, and I know that my life was not always this calm, however, I do know how much I needed to change my thoughts and attitudes when I realized that I was unwell, and in pain and destined to have a short, painful future. The need to understand all these concepts I’ve mentioned took me a very long time, and I needed to travel to study, and to spend a lot of money getting the lessons I needed, however, I’m here now, and I’m so very grateful that I am, as it has been a very gratifying journey, full of inspiration and lessons of joy. WOW!! I hadn’t expected to share quite this much, however that’s where I am, and maybe I’ll copy this and put it in my blogsite for more of the world to see. Thank you for reading where I am today.LikeCommentShare

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