Lessons I Have Learned from My therapy Dog, Chelsea

Recently, I posted a copy of my Chelsea’s Canine Good Citizen certificate, her Therapy Dog Certificate. I shared a few of our experiences together, and someone asked if I would share more of my life with Chelsea. So, as part of my previous aspirations, I’m preparing to start a series of articles about my dear puppy. I’ve decided to call this, Lessons I Learned from my Furry Buddy.
Chelsea and I walked a lot, all over this city. I live in Ottawa, which is one of the most easily visited city to explore on foot, and with a four-legged buddy.
When Chelsea initially came to live with me, she was 7 years old, and had been living with my youngest son, and his family since she was 8 weeks old. When I first met her at their home, she was immediately at my feet, and lying on her back to have her belly rubbed. I believe that the love affair with this beautiful being started from that moment. They were living locally then, so I saw her often.
Then they moved to BC, and I didn’t see her for a few years. The day I walked into their house in BC, I sat on the sofa, and she was on my lap. She was no longer a puppy, however, she knew me and wanted to make sure that she was there with me. On that visit, I slept in an upper bunk bed, and Chelsea climbed the ladder to sleep with me. I told her that she could sleep with me, however, I would like her to sleep at the lower part of the bed, as I was concerned that I’d fall out of the top bunk. And she did what I asked.
Chelsea was a mixed breed puppy, being predominately Husky, with Shepherd and a smidge of Rotweiller. She was always curious about everyone, particularly anyone coming into our house. Of course, in her mind they were coming to see her. She was also a wonderful judge of character. And if I could be very honest, I’m sure that she saw through everyone the instant they approached our home from several blocks away.
Being Husky, she wasn’t necessarily a puppy who wanted to share her human with a lot of others, particularly at home. So, when she came to live with me, we were basically a match that had been made long before, and was a few years in getting there. And so my story begins, and I’ll be back another day with more to this story. I’ll be posting this as well on my blogsite www.wellnessunlimited.ca..

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